Friday, May 8, 2015

More trunk show pictures

As I was taking more pictures today I found more of my trunk show pics.  I am trying to document what I've made and share with dear family members that want to see.  Many of these are from years past or have been seen on the previous post, but my goal is simply to add these pictures to my blog.  So please bear with me...

Both of these quilts were made while living in Missoula, Montana.  I took 12 weeks of Amish Quilts so you might see many Amish quilts.  The other quilt mimicked the skyline we would see from our dining room window.  These were hand quilted and are a treasure.  I don't hand quilt any more.
This is just a bag and my attempt at a mola with decorative thread.
 When I'm making art quilts, something happens in me that brings great delight.  And so in the past few years I've been making more of them. These are two pieces I dearly love. I've got more in the making.
 These four quilts are different kinds of miniatures.  Many of these are one of a kind and only one time.

 This is another Amish quilt on the left, and on the right is a "paint chip" challenge from my quilt guild.  We randomly drew a paint chip and then had to use that color for 90% of the small quilt we were to make.  There are small beads to the right of the moon as constellations...and one is the big dipper.
This is Adelyn's quilt.  Not the best picture but its a two sided quilt.  Lots of color from light shades to dark on one side, and then on the back is a hop scotch pattern and rings around that. I made bean bags with numbers to correspond to the numbers in the hop scotch quilt.  Adelyn loves to sit her "bum" in the big circles.  
This is another Amish quilt that I dearly love.  Reminds me of looking through a window splattered with raindrops.

Thanks for reading my blog.  I have more projects in the making.  Working on a baby quilt for Joanie's baby boy arriving this August, and a quilt for Avery who turns 5 in October, among other projects.

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