Monday, February 7, 2011

What;s Your Handle?

Back in the 70's and 80's, before cell phones became a necessity, people were buying CB radios for their vehicles. It was THE way to communicate while "on the road". You'd hear things like: "Why hello there Big Mama, what are you truckin' today?" or "Breaker, breaker one niner". People were (truckers or travelers) communicating as they traveled across the country or from town to town. Real names weren't used; perhaps it was to protect oneself while warning others that a speed trap was just beyond the next curve.  Names like "Forklift Bob", "Green Bean", "Quad Runner" and "Big Mama" are just a few.  (There's actually a website to show you a variety of "handles" used.) Such a variety, but I wonder, how did they decide on their "handle"?

Now I'm not planning to have a CB installed in my little car, but I recently have been selling a few items, and have been encouraged to create a "label" for myself. Not just a "handle", but an actual label to sew on the articles I sell. Seems easy enough, and yet I'm struggling.

Should I just use my name? Martha Stewart just uses her name, and she has several arenas in which her name is its trademark. My items are not all made by hand, some are sewn on my sewing machine.  Are those items still "handmade"? My goal is to create articles with an artist touch. I tend to create a wide variety of articles, and so to limit myself to a category is hard to choose. My friend, Alison, does alterations.  So her business is "Ali's Alterations". My items are varied and eclectic. If anyone was looking on the web for my type of item, "Artistic Touch" would not be something they would look for as they would for look for alterations.

So what is my handle? What would you say? Since I needed a label immediately, I chose the following "Made by Susan Isaacson,".  Its straightforward, informative, and rather dull. Stores sell labels that say "Especially made for you", and "Handmade by ... ".  Its rather blah. But for now this will work. But I'm temporarily satisfied....I guess I'm on my way to forming a business handle for myself.