Saturday, January 28, 2012

First Steps First

Adding texture to paper is so much easier than adding it to fabric.  I've been having fun with pen and paper, and learning to doodle.  I've been drawing neat little things can "zentangles", and it makes a wonderful design.  This is a wonderful way to relax, and explore new designs.

The January Challenge for Sketchbook Challenge is "doodling," and so I've been doodling and learning new techniques...and enjoying the pleasure of relaxation!  Love this challenge!

Sandwiches and Blank Paper

Ever think about your favorite things -- or things that you treasure?  I have many favorite things and favorite people like most of you.... (and of course grandchildren being among my very top favorites).

Texture always catches my eye and I find it in so many places. It causes me to stop and take a second look.  To touch it.. if it is within reach.  And I love to create texture.  Using either a pen and paper or with my sewing machine. The purpose behind this doodling is to add texture to the surface of a piece of art or a quilt. My ultimate goal is to catch the viewer's eye, and draw them in for a closer look.

In order to hone my skills, I'm participating in two challenges this year.  The Sketchbook Challenge and the Free Motion Quilting Challenge.  Both of these skills are attained by practice.  Much practice.  So I'll be posting my progress this year for all to see. (Emotionally this is scary; my rational mind says,"The goal is all about progress and these first pieces will be great for a base line!"  So, onward, forward!
Hobbs 80/20- King Tut 40/3

I've made up many quilt "sandwiches" on which to practice.  What I'll do with them in the end is unknown, but it will be something creative -- oh -- another challenge!  I have purposely made the sandwiches with five different types of batting so I can compare the end results; so far I've found that wool batting may produce a  puffier result from a Hobbs 80/12 when stitching the same design and same spacing.  Thread weights and types will be recorded as well.  These are important when considering a project.

 So I'm learning new things this year -- and I love to learn!  Its one of my favorite things!
 It's going to be a great year!
Wool/Signature Thread