Sunday, July 28, 2013

The owls having been talking to me!

I have a new granddaughter named Alexis Eve, and she is six weeks old today. And she is beautiful! I love being a grandmother and I love giving special quilts to those I dearly love. Just check out my facebook wall.

What started out as a dream and an idea 7 months ago has finally been completed and given as a gift.  I haven't posted anything about it because it was a surprise. Abby saw the pattern last January as I wanted to get her "okay" before making it.  The colors are some of Abby's favorites, and so I began.

The idea to add ribbons for tags came one day as I was dreaming and working on the quilt. This way Alexis will be able to enjoy it as a floor quilt for tummy time. My goal was to make each owl with a different personality along with different colors, etc.  Then one day, one owl seemed so excited about her red shoes, and so I named the quilt "Did you see my new red shoes", and owls being like people and having their own opinions like every person does, each started stating their stance on red shoes.  Sometimes I would laugh as I was sewing because I could hear all their comments.....I guess craziness comes with creativity.

My son's family is represented on the backside of the quilt along with the wacky's (the wacky birds) that live upstairs....and this has no reference to anyone in their apartment building.

As I was thinking about little girl activities, I remembered playing hopscotch as a child, and so I wanted to pass this on to my granddaughters as well.  As of yesterday, Avery was guarding the quilt on her bed until Alexis can protest.  The quilt will be dearly loved and enjoyed...which has been my intent from the beginning. I can't think of a better use for it.

I was concerned about the quilt being too large (it's about 54" square) but my dear daughter-in-law stated that the girls need a floor quilt to play on, and so the size is no problem for which I am grateful.  Its too heavy with applique, etc. to be a cuddly quilt, and it will provide color, and fun for years to come.  Perhaps even a game of hopscotch....

And the last time I heard Avery going to bed, she was asking her mom to recite what each of the owls' were saying about red shoes....that is a great memory for me that I will treasure for a long long time.
 So until there is another grandchild coming, I'm back to making my art quilts.  And if you hear laughter coming from my sewing room, I'm having a marvelous time!