Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My OWN Trunk Show

I got a wonderful surprise aunties are proud of me and want to know what I'm teaching at Quilt Harbor in Aberdeen.

How this came about was a real shocker for me.  I've asked the Lord to show me what He wants me to do, and as a song puts it "Help me find my proper place".  Well this past January, I was asked to teach quilting classes.  I balked, and was totally stunned at this request.  Then a few weeks later, I was asked again, and what surprised me even more was that it was by someone I really respected.  So in March, I started getting things ready to teach.

The first Friday of every month, the quilt shop has a bit of an open house and stays open late to let customers come to see what will be taught that month.  I was asked to bring along the class examples along with some of my other works.  I was THRILLED.  Joanie and I took a road trip, and we had a wonderful time.

So, all this brings me to my trunk show:

 I've lot art quilts for years, and have fun making wall decorations.
This is the table of mostly class examples. The white
items on the far left are my Freemotion class.  You can't see much.
However in the next picture, that red wallet is decorated with free motion designs

This is Threadpainting I class. In this class
they learn to stitch with a zigzag stitch
to "paint" the fabric. (Not the best example).

This is a bag and we were featuring the "Frozen" fabric

This is Threadpainting II class where we create a landscape using our machines to "paint" and then follow up with some hand stitches. 
There are my pictures my dear family.  I so appreciate your interest.  

I continue working on new projects for upcoming classes. Writing the directions is the most challenging for me.  I can tell you how to do a technique, but somehow writing it down is difficult.