Saturday, April 20, 2013

Friends are such a gift!

This past week has been such a good week for me...I got to meet up with two good friends from the west!  First I got to see my friend Kathy...she made me presentable ... and I'm so thankful!  (My husband will be "walking on May 4th" to receive his Doctorate of Ministry and I of course want to look my best.  I'm so proud of him!

Kathy is my hairdresser...since 1996 or 1997, I don't remember which year.  Kathy and I used to sitting side by side in a Precepts Bible Study together for several years. One day I came to Bible Study and Kathy noticed my bangs.  I had tried to cut my bangs under the directions of another hairdresser which turned out disastrous! Kathy corrected what I messed up, and encouraged me to never try that again!  She's cut my hair ever since. We have such good talks, and I love hearing her heart!  She is a great confidant for me!

Then after my time with Kathy, I was able to arrange a time with Jeri -- both on the same day!  Jeri is someone special to me as well.  She not only is helping me become a better quilter but she also helps me "see" in a way I wouldn't normally see.

But our times together are not just quilt talk ...she's the kind of friend that listens, and helps me get over "bumps" and encourages me to avoid pitfalls.  We basically talk fast and furious when we get together...we talk about everything with lots of laughter thrown in. This week we entered the circle of "horsetrading".  What fun!  I savor the laughs and ideas shared until my next "Jeri fix".  I am so thankful for this gift!

This morning I was able to have some time creating/playing in my sewing room.  I was supposed to be doing other things but I kept feeling this pull, this sense of being drawn to create more.  It was so much fun... Sometimes I think I could play for days!

So what am I  up to?

  • I am currently working on 3 new works.  I'm trying more new techniques...its quite the combo.  Its a zentangle drawing I made, that I'm putting into fabric that will have lots of thread play as well as quilting.

  • Then there's an art piece that I'm calling "Dregs from the Cutting Board a la Booat', and it will be along the lines of the Stupendous Stitching class I took on Craftsy.  

  • The third piece is for my new little grandchild that will be arriving in late June.  This is an owl quilt (as my daughter-in-law loves owls, and when I showed her this pattern and explained that I wanted to make a baby quilt for her, would this pattern be okay? And she said "Yes, please, please, please!" So I'm making 16 owls, 4 trees, and some small blocks too.  And that will be only the front.  The backside is being planned, and it should be fun and playful.  I LOVE decorating the me, each quilt offers 2 opportunities for creativity!

Do I have other projects waiting?  Oh yes, and I'll continue to finish these, some as gifts and some as "samples".  That's another Jeri-ism.  She has helped me over a major pitfall!

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