Saturday, April 13, 2013

Caught Up for Now!

I am participating in an Art Quilt of the Month Sew Along with Joanne-Threadhead . I'm testing different fun techniques on small art quilts so as not to consume tons of time. Today I finished a birthday present (an art quilt but not part of the series, and then I've completed March and April. I am loving this!

March's quilt is machine quilting feathers and different background fillers.  Joanne-Threadhead has a posted a challenge on Sew Cal Gal, and I'm just starting on this challenge. (Sew Cal Gal hosted a yearlong program on free motion quilting. And she even arranged sponsors to give big prizes  as well as monthly prizes. Each month was hosted by a different well known teacher!  It was like taking a class every month with a "big name" free motion quilt teacher. I would never have been able to afford classes that Sew Cal Gal offered.  Thanks again Sew Cal Gal!) Joanne offers a tutorial on free motion quilting, quilting feathers and a whole lot more.  She is so very versatile and productive! So check it out -- its really great!

Here is "Pearls Adorning Feathers" which is my art quilt for March.  I'm thinking about adding more pearls...just don't know.  I've quilted another feather piece (as part of Joanne's challenge and there will be more of this type of quilted pieces to come.)  My goal on this piece was to quilt on a satin sample to see the effect.  I've also quilted on silk  Each fabric offers different qualities. I'm also working with different types of batting as well.

My friend Linda, (Joanie's mother-in-law) makes fancy dresses and has given me some beautiful satin scraps. Its fun to have such a colorful supply handy!

April's quilt is "Sunrise over Orchard Hill".  I took a landscape plan and the scribble tree idea from a Laura Wasilowski and Frieda Anderson book that I got from a PBS special.  I love the fusing! But I learned the hard way that its easy to "kill the glue".

One of my childhood memories is picking cherries just before the sun came up. We would actually arrive at the orchard as it was getting light. I remember being so cold, and not wanting to move.  But up the ladder we each would go and the sound of a few cherries "plunking" in a large bucket was so daunting at times.  Sometimes it seemed like it took forever to fill up that bucket!

Here is a birthday present that I'm giving to a friend.  Its my first attempt at mounting a smaller picture on a larger background.  The background is machine quilted beforehand and it has a hanger on the back to mount it on the wall.

I'm still embracing my imperfections and yes, I like it!  Yes, there is room for improvement but isn't that true of everything?

 This is Hidden Lake, and I've got a bit more to do on the mountains for shading but other than than it is done.  I will mount this picture a different way than the previous picture, but it will also be hung on a wall.

This is the next beach picture I'm working on.  Its a post-card size, and I've added some beads to it for tactile reasons.  Will be adding some thread painting to this as well as the other.  I love making art quilts.

I might be keeping this one as it brings back another childhood memory of a family vacation we took when my baby brother was maybe one year old.  So that would have been in the early sixties.  Its wonderful that the Lord gave us the capacity for memories!

Now I am caught up ..... current for the time being.  May is already half done, and I will be doing some machine applique over some fusible, and thread painting as well.  And yes there will be machine quilting as well.  My goal is to improve.  I want to find a way to bind quilts that doesn't include handwork.  Though I dearly love it, it is not always possible.  I will savor times of knitting.  Oh, and I've got May half done.  I'm planning June and July as well.  New techniques coming!  I love it!

I'm starting to want to piece some quilts.  I've got some large quilts to finish up.  So I'm thankful for my mom's machine which is great for piecing, and my own machine which is great for free motion quilting!

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