Monday, April 1, 2013

Embracing my imperfections!

In March (or was it February), I finished up some projects.  Right now they're hanging on my kitchen wall (which is kind of like a trophy case), but who knows where these will end up or with whom....

But for the record, and with the wonderful encouragement of Jeri, they are finished, and Jeri I thank you for helping are a gift!

This little quilt (7x10") reminds me of the morning glories and other flowers that grew by my grandmother's backdoor in Wapato, Washington.  I can still hear the banging of the wooden screen door in the summertime.  Hollyhocks also grew there, and I remember them fondly. This is a fused quilt pattern from Laura Wasilowski.  I love her sense of humor and how she includes hand stitches to add depth to her patterns.  She has several wonderful books out and the latest includes stitch directions as well as some beautiful patterns.  Its called "Fanciful Stitches Colorful Quilts.  She is the Dean of the Chicago School of Fusing, and has a wonderful sense of humor.  I was temporarily "kicked out" because I became a glue killer!  She's a lot of fun.  Visit her blog Artfabrik and have some laughs!

The next quilt (another pattern from Laura Wasilowski) includes some wool and hand embroidery. I was wanting to keep the project simple, and so where I could've added more stitches (I'm sure the Dean would've encouraged that!), I just finished it. Sometimes, done is good.

Accepting imperfection is hard for me, especially letting you see all the mistakes. But I'm using the excuse, "this is an organic art piece which adds to its homemade charm".  

Last but not least is a favorite piece of mine.  This little quilt is called "Stacked Bricks" and I made it originally while living in Missoula.  I love this odd little quilt with its darker colors...I was coming out of my Amish quilt phase at the time.  And I do love my Amish quilts.  That was such a special time in my life.

I'm learning much these days.  You can know a lot of things about quilting but there is nothing like experience to prove the theory.  And I have the mistakes to prove it.  Oh,...but wait...they are organic art pieces and originals (because of my imperfections) which adds to their homemade charm!....

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