Saturday, April 2, 2011

Its April!

Since my last post, my big event has come and gone.  I believe this will be a memorable birthday, not because of the age but because of all the unusual things that happened.  I said goodbye to a friend who is suffering from dementia, visited Canon Beach with a deluge of rain amidst winds gusting up to 60 miles an hour there a theme here?  Have a wonderful dinner, enjoyed one very sunny day walking through town, walked to Haystack Rock one time.  Got to Long Beach enjoying a World Mark room to be awakened at 4.30 in the morning to a tsunami warning.  We were to pack our things and go to the bowling alley or the high school.  Her last words were "don't wait".  We ended up in Aberdeen, looking for a room.  We tried a cheap motel.  Stepped one foot into the door and it was musty and stale cigarette smoke.  Checked into a nice place, paid for two nights (as we were in the middle of one night already), ate a breakfast and went back to bed.  Very nice place.  We were able to return to Long Beach the next morning.  Blakelys came to share one night with us and we walked our legs off.  Though it was still very rainy, and warnings to stay off the beach due to aftershocks and high winds, we went to explore the two lighthouses in the area.  Sheila was having such a fun time.  I was dying for breath and my body was wondering what was going on.  Being with the Blakelys is one of my favorite things.  Such good times with such good friends.  Was it a good birthday?  Yes, very memorable.

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