Saturday, April 2, 2011

Embracing my sketchbook

While shopping at one day at a fabric store, I stumbled upon the quilt book section.  I had looked for a special drawing book by Carla Sonheim entitled Drawing Lab for Mixed Media Artists.  She also teaches "The Art of Silliness" on the web, and has a studio in Seattle.  I was a part of the Art of Silliness #3 and enjoyed it very much, in fact some of my drawings are on earlier posts.  Hence the search for her book.  I do want to continue to draw and hone this skill. 

Anyway, being weary I was leaving the store, and I sensed a prompting to look at the book section in this particular store, and so I headed to that section.  Perusing through the books, I actually found one copy of this book.  "Oh rats, I forgot my coupon!"  Then I noticed a sign on the book area, "40% Off".  "Could this be?" I checked the back of the book...there was a red dot. I grabbed the book and headed for the checkout counter.  The clerk didn't think it was on sale, but I told her what I had seen.  And so the book became mine!
  I love the craziness of Carla's drawings.  I don't know that I want to draw everything in her style, but I love to draw, and drawing silly really helps take the pressure off "being perfect".  So I've been drawing cats!  I don't care for cats.  Actually I don't LIKE CATS AT ALL!  As Isabella, my first granddaughter says, "Them's kindof whiny."  I really don't, and yet if you look at my sketchbook, its full of cats.  Its all Carla's fault!  

Them's kind of whiny!
But, in looking at these again, maybe I do want to do everything in her style!  What fun!  Creative and fun seem to pour out of her drawings!  I love her light-hearted spirit.  I think I'm going to see if I can attend one of her classes!  In person!  Wouldn't that be fun! 

 And a few fish crept onto my pages as well.....


  1. Mom those drawings are GREAT! I think most of those cats are from your sketchbook (correct?) not the book you bought. And the Fish! Those fish look like something out of a BEATLES song. Great job. Keep it up.

    "Them's kindof whiny."


  2. Yep, I drew the cats. Can you imagine...the exercise was to place my paper on top of a pillow and draw, or draw with my left hand. I thought the fish looked like Dr. Seuss kind of fish. Which beatles song? Yellow submarine? Thanks for the encouragement. It means a lot to me!

  3. Yellow Submarine, Octopus' Garden... you name it.

  4. Love your fish! Just returned from a long road trip and our "resident cat" is not speaking to me. She wants to Know why the dog got to go with us and she had to stay home.LOL Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comments.