Saturday, January 28, 2012

First Steps First

Adding texture to paper is so much easier than adding it to fabric.  I've been having fun with pen and paper, and learning to doodle.  I've been drawing neat little things can "zentangles", and it makes a wonderful design.  This is a wonderful way to relax, and explore new designs.

The January Challenge for Sketchbook Challenge is "doodling," and so I've been doodling and learning new techniques...and enjoying the pleasure of relaxation!  Love this challenge!


  1. Have you started the feathers tutorial yet? I'm sketching away also! May take awhile before I post any real free motion feathers.

    1. No, to be honest, I haven't stitched or sketched feathers but I've been looking at them. I have started making my practice blocks of 8 or 10 inches -- and all the while I'm thinking, what can I do with these afterwards. Do you have any of Diane's books? They are very well written!